Getting started

The goal of apiron is to get you up and running quickly, consuming a service with little initial configuration while allowing for granular customization. The declarative nature of this setup makes the shape of services and their endpoints more obvious than placing those details in one-off calls.

The minimum possible configuration requires a bit of information about the service.

Defining a service

A service definition requires a domain and one or more endpoints with which to interact:

from apiron import JsonEndpoint, Service

class GitHub(Service):
    domain = ''
    user = JsonEndpoint(path='/users/{username}')
    repo = JsonEndpoint(path='/repos/{org}/{repo}')

Interacting with a service

Once your service definition is in place, you can interact with its endpoints in an SDK-like manner:

response = GitHub.user(username='defunkt')
# {"name": "Chris Wanstrath", ...}

response = GitHub.repo(org='github', repo='hub')
# {"description": "hub helps you win at git.", ...}

Next steps

Now that you’re a seasoned pro, explore the advanced usage!