Developing the apiron documentation

These docs are built using sphinx.


If you have tox installed, you may build these docs by running tox -e docs. Otherwise, you can follow the instructions below to manually install dependencies and build the docs.


$ cd /path/to/apiron/
$ pyenv virtualenv 3.7.0 apiron  # pick your favorite virtual environment tool
$ pyenv local apiron
(apiron) $ pip install -e .[docs]


You can build or rebuild the static documentation using make:

$ cd /path/to/apiron/docs/
(apiron) $ make html
Running Sphinx v1.7.4
build succeeded.

The HTML pages are in _build/html.

If you’d instead like to have the docs rebuilt as you’re changing them, you can watch for changes:

$ cd /path/to/apiron/docs/
(apiron) $ make watch
[...] Serving on
[...] Start watching changes
[...] Start detecting changes